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Slicer wall art. Roasted mushroom & garlic in case you were wondering. / on Instagram

Duct Tape solves most problems. / on Instagram

Ready for our basic training retreat! @cityyearsanjose @cityyear #btr #makebetterhappen / on Instagram

Japanese Maple in the truck / on Instagram

Stumbled across a Vietnamese food court today. Got an awesome bowl of Bun Oc Rieu (crab meatballs, tofu, oxtail, tomatoes, snails, pig’s blood and vermicelli) / on Instagram

The local and the fancy local. / on Instagram

The rain just adds extra sparkle. / on Instagram

"Being an idealist doesn’t mean you’re blinded to the facts of reality, it just means you aren’t stopped by them." - Michael Brown, City Year CEO / on Instagram

Ruggles Station / on Instagram

I’m sweating down here! / on Instagram

Tetris / on Instagram

New United Terminal looks slick. American airports finally catching up to European ones… / on Instagram

The kid’s lunches look better than mine. / on Instagram

Sunday dinner! / on Instagram

Woke up to the husband blasting iGGY and found the baby like this. Lol / on Instagram

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