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My Studio Ghibli life. Yosemite was NOT overrated — just wow. / on Instagram

Amtrak / on Instagram

Lol. Too lazy to measure? / on Instagram

Exploring Carmel by the Sea / on Instagram

Rich people playthings. / on Instagram

A cloudy but relaxing day at the beach. Lincoln loves feeding people — I think it’s kind of gross when it’s soggy cereal so he mostly feeds Tony. / on Instagram

My current phone wallpaper. My favorite guys at the CA Academy of Sciences. #latergram / on Instagram

Americorps 20th Anniversary Celebration in the Presidio! #caamericorps20 / on Instagram

A fine San Francisco day. / on Instagram

Fun in the City! Link looks like a Chang here… #latergram / on Instagram

Little man. / on Instagram

Isn’t full-fat cream French vanilla custard w/egg frozen yogurt really just ice cream? / on Instagram

It’s been too long, old friend. / on Instagram

Webster Street, Chinatown. Trying out I-Tea for the first time. / on Instagram

Slicer wall art. Roasted mushroom & garlic in case you were wondering. / on Instagram

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