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Kitchen window. Filter needed to get the colors to match what my eyes see. Deep breath. / on Instagram

Baby back ribs. Modest smoke ring. :) / on Instagram


die Bibliothek

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The musical stylings of Nathan Brunson! / on Instagram

My fave ramen — new packaging or did they mess with the recipe?? / on Instagram

Spotted by @dbot207 on First Street / on Instagram

Had to pick up some Peonies for the house after seeing @whimsicarol and her handmade ones! / on Instagram

Playing one of my childhood favorites, Chinese Checkers! (Doubles as a dexterity exercise — need to find magnetic marbles) / on Instagram

Have you ever received an email from an important man over the age of forty? They’re tremendous. It’s the least professional thing in the world. They spell your name wrong, they spell at least four other things wrong, one of the sentences just ends without finishing itself. It’s a mess.

This is one small true thing in a sea of small true things but god, this is so true. (via kateoplis)

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New dining room light fixture. It’s a big yellow ball! / on Instagram

The Stack from The Waffle Roost food truck. Amazing waffle with a tasty fried chicken, egg, bacon, honey and a side of sweet potato chips. Been awhile since I’ve been so happy with a new food truck! / on Instagram

Oaklandish. / on Instagram


Maud Vantours (b. 1985, France) Cut Paper, 2014

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In one meeting, Abramson was upset with a photograph that was on the homepage. Rather than asking for a change to be made after the meeting, she turned to the relevant editor and, according to sources with knowledge of the meeting, said bluntly, “I don’t know why you’re still here. If I were you, I would leave now and change the photo.”

This seems like a pretty good and clear example of a double standard, putting aside any broader and more speculative commentary about the implications of Abramson’s termination. It is nearly identical to a story often repeated in praising tones about Apple’s Tim Cook:

Cook’s no-nonsense approach to management and solving problems was made immediately evident upon coming to Apple. When in a meeting discussing a problem in China, Tim Cook noted that the problem was “really bad” and that someone should be in China fixing it. Thirty minutes later, Cook then famously looked over at Apple’s operations manager, Sabih Khan, and asked “Why are you still here?” Khan was on the next flight to China.

This anecdote appears in every hagiography of Cook’s time at Apple, never with negative implications, always as evidence of decisiveness, attention to detail, high standards. People love it! Of course, a flight to China is a lot more onerous —did Khan have a family?— than a trip to a computer to change a photo. While I personally can make no real evidence-based argument that Abramson’s departure, pay, or treatment is the result of sexism in its entirety (I certainly have my suspicions, which only grow as more details leak), I can say this: much of the coverage of her time at the NYT reeks of it.


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It exists.

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Gorgeous day in Sunol! Congrats @tannacious you are so beautiful! / on Instagram

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