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Lincoln loves this peekaboo book — just noticed this quote on the back today. I’m pretty sure a child did not say that! / on Instagram

Bedtime selfie! / on Instagram

Double rainbow! / on Instagram

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Banana Jr. @ Fenton’s / on Instagram

Lincoln’s first wedding outfit — excited for Grace and Patrick!! / on Instagram

On the Texan autobahn! #atx / on Instagram


Stunning Papercraft Phoenix Sculpture by Zim & Zou

Always amazed by how beautiful paper craft can be.


Our new issue is out now! Stay tuned throughout the day for some excerpts from the magazine.

I want to read this cover to cover.

My [UberX] driver turned out to be a Google employee who said he drew the lucky H1-B visa straw to get out of Bulgaria … he told me he works at the company’s Mountain View campus, but started driving for UberX for two hours on Saturdays and Sundays to send money to a family of four kids he met on vacation, who couldn’t afford to go to school or even shoes. ‘I just calculated that if I work four hours of a week, I can clothe all of them,’ he told me. ‘For so little, it’s amazing what you can do.’

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It’s complicated.

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Guess what I’m doing right now? / on Instagram


"Regulators might be tempted to agree with Comcast that its proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable for $45.2 billion in stock poses no threat to competition… But the issue with cable mergers is not that they reduce or eliminate head-to-head competition for subscribers, because most cities…


Netflix Is Building an Artificial Brain Using Amazon’s Cloud




Nothing beats a movie recommendation from a friend who knows your tastes. At least not yet. Netflix wants to change that, aiming to build an online recommendation engine that outperforms even your closest friends.

The online movie and TV outfit once sponsored what it called the Netflix Prize, asking the world’s data scientists to build new algorithms that could better predict what movies and shows you want to see. And though this certainly advanced the state of the art, Netflix is now exploring yet another leap forward. In an effort to further hone its recommendation engine, the company is delving into “deep learning,” a branch of artificial intelligence that seeks to solve particularly hard problems using computer systems that mimic the structure and behavior of the human brain. The company details these efforts in a recent blog post.


Full Story: Wired

Good morning, Oakland! / on Instagram

My post on Americans starting to recognize class realities has brought some predictable reactions, which I’d place under two headings: (1) “But they have cell phones!” and (2) it’s about how you behave, not how much money you have.

My answer to both of these would be to say that when we talk about being middle class, I’d argue that we have two crucial attributes of that status in mind: security and opportunity.

By security, I mean that you have enough resources and backup that the ordinary emergencies of life won’t plunge you into the abyss. This means having decent health insurance, reasonably stable employment, and enough financial assets that having to replace your car or your boiler isn’t a crisis.

By opportunity I mainly mean being able to get your children a good education and access to job prospects, not feeling that doors are shut because you just can’t afford to do the right thing.

If you don’t have these things, I would say that you don’t lead a middle-class life, even if you have a car and a few electronic gadgets that weren’t around during the era when most Americans really were middle class, and no matter how clean, sober, and prudent your behavior may be.

Well said — good distinctions.

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