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Party at the House of Lais tonight! / on Instagram

My Studio Ghibli life. Yosemite was NOT overrated — just wow. / on Instagram

Amtrak / on Instagram

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Exploring Carmel by the Sea / on Instagram

Rich people playthings. / on Instagram

A cloudy but relaxing day at the beach. Lincoln loves feeding people — I think it’s kind of gross when it’s soggy cereal so he mostly feeds Tony. / on Instagram

My current phone wallpaper. My favorite guys at the CA Academy of Sciences. #latergram / on Instagram

Americorps 20th Anniversary Celebration in the Presidio! #caamericorps20 / on Instagram

A fine San Francisco day. / on Instagram

Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.

Marianne Williamson (via thisismycleverhandle)

(via mydrunkkitchen)

Fun in the City! Link looks like a Chang here… #latergram / on Instagram

Little man. / on Instagram

Isn’t full-fat cream French vanilla custard w/egg frozen yogurt really just ice cream? / on Instagram

It’s been too long, old friend. / on Instagram

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