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Jamie Hawthorne, you were right — arguably the best slice in town. Basil Pesto and Housemade Sausage. / on Instagram

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Conservatives often say the poor and jobless got that way because of their own personal failings, but Americans tend to blame the plain old free market.

A new HuffPost/YouGov poll released Thursday finds Americans generally think both the rich and the poor ended up where they are more because of the opportunities they had in life than because of personal successes or failures.

But not everyone feels that way. Republicans are far more likely to pat rich Americans on the back for their hard work while blaming poor Americans for not working hard enough.

Among all Americans, 44 percent said they think poor people are poor mostly because of a lack of opportunities, while only 30 percent said it’s mostly because of their individual failings. More specifically, 47 percent said poverty has to do more with the fact good jobs aren’t available, while only 28 percent said it’s because poor people have a poor work ethic.

Maybe there’s some good that comes with this recession: more progressive thinking.

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thirteen year old ashol pan is part of a nascent movement of girls who are keeping alive the six thousand year old kazakh tradition of golden eagle hunting known as berkutchy.

though long the monopoly of boys — once deemed uniquely strong enough to carry a full grown eagle on their arms and endure harsh winter hunts — fewer are now learning the skill, abandoning their traditional semi nomadic ways for life in the cities.

berkutchy is a life long profession, and is often a hereditary one. but ashol’s brother left for the military, leaving her father, an experienced eagle hunter, to ask if she would take his place and assume training.

asher svidensky — who took these photos during a four month trek in the mountains of western mongolia’s bayan ulgii (or “rich cradle”) province, where only 250 hunters remain — told the bbc that where most boys are at first apprehensive around their eagles, ashol was very much at ease.

ashol, though still in school, will spend much of her time nurturing her eagle, imprinting herself on the fiercely independent bird from birth. after much time and training, her eagle — who is considered a member of the family — will learn to track down rabbits, foxes and wolves, whose fur is needed for the harsh winters.

A reminder that cool other worlds coexist with mine.

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Fish and chips!! Adding it to my lunch rotation… / on Instagram

Perks of workin on the East Side — platillos perrin for 6 bucks! / on Instagram

Opening Night at Safeco Field. Don’t know a thing about the Mariners but I know these garlic fries are kickin’! / on Instagram

Beloved Community Space at CYSKC. / on Instagram

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Godzilla in chains. Fort George Quick Wit Belgian Ale. Tanaka San. / on Instagram

The 4th Floor of the Seattle Public Library is really really red. I feel like I’m in a blood vessel. / on Instagram

Seattle Public Library / on Instagram

Lincoln loves this peekaboo book — just noticed this quote on the back today. I’m pretty sure a child did not say that! / on Instagram

Bedtime selfie! / on Instagram

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